Crips in Macon, GA send Gucci Mane a warning ??!!!

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goochLines are drawn, boundaries and expectations are set all around us. Something interesting is happening in the HIP-HOP industry. Rappers are starting to be held accountable for crossing certain lines that A) previous rappers had better sense to cross (i.e. respect) and B) crossing lines for the sole purpose of exploitation (i.e. integrity). Over the past few months, we have watched how the GD’s in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and California put out threats to Rick Ross and ultimately led to the cancellation of the remaining tour dates on his MMG Tour. Now it appears that Gucci Mane is in the cross hairs of some Crips in Macon, GA.

Two months ago, Gucci Mane, made a return of sorts to the rap game and reignited his long-standing, but now quiet, beef with ATL rapper Young Jeezy.  The song and video released was Truth and it addressed the alleged bounty that Young Jeezy put on Gucci Mane’s head as well as the incident that led to Gucci Mane murdering Macon, GA rapper, Pookie Loc, a Young Jeezy associate.  In the song, Truth, Gucci brings back to light that Pookie Loc’s death is really on the head of Young Jeezy.  He taunts Jeezy to “go dig up ya dead potna up n**ga bet he can’t say sh*t !!”

In the warning video, the alleged Crip is wearing a mask, but using his unaltered voice, and lays out his beef.  The issue is the fact that they feel that Gucci Mane keeps bringing the death of Pookie Loc up.  The death of Pookie Loc being used as a platform to get “street cred” is being frowned upon and even though Gucci is directed it towards Jeezy, Pookie Loc’s family and friends are affected as well by the taunts.

Gucci Mane has a scheduled show in Macon, GA, Friday, December 21, 2012 and the warning is for Gucci Mane not to come.  The scheduling of the show in Macon, GA, the home of Pookie Loc, is seen as a blatant form of disrespect.

How do you feel about these rappers being confronted by “real gangstas” ?? and How important is respect and integrity in your life ?? Do the same rules apply to what type of music you listen to ??  Let us know here at

Click on link to watch the video for Gucci Mane’s Truth

Click on link to watch the taped threat towards Gucci Mane from Crips in Macon, GA

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