Hot New Music: Tha U Offer Their “State of the Union”

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U_Insert_2BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Making waves, Lexington, KY-based rap group Tha U was formed 11/11/11 on the promise of Unity and sparking a change.
The group consists of 13 rappers and joke that they are Wu-Tang (U-Tang lol) deep !! As the young black man’s character and image is continuously in question, on display, and in the crosshairs, Tha U, banded together as brothers, on a quest to become the physical embodiment of the very word UNITY.
Tha U naturally gravitated to each other as all members individually represent the black man and collectively give a broad spectrum of perspectives on being a black man in this society offered up on their debut mixtape “State of the Union”.  Tha U.  Tha Underdogs.  Tha Undeniables.  Tha Unstoppables. Tha Unbroken.  Tha U.  Thru the Ups and the downs working towards more Up times than down .. United ..
IT’S THA U !!!!!!!!!
Check out their debut single P.O.W.E.R.
As well as a live performances for BET I BANG and U’s in the SKY
Check out the official video for Bet I Bang
Click here to join them on Facebook Tha U Facebook Music/Band Page

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