Ad Inserter

Insert any ad or HTML/Javascript/PHP code into Wordpress. Perfect for all kinds of ads. 16 code blocks, many display options and features. Need more than 64 code blocks? Ad Inserter Pro supports 64 blocks, 6 viewports, import/export settings and has additional multisite support.

Settings for one code block. Up to 16 blocks can be configured.

Some Ad Inserter Pro features: IP address and country lists, Scheduling between dates with fallback

Code preview with visual CSS editor

Code preview with visual CSS editor - highlighted code

Complete settings for one code block (Before Paragraph)

Tiny Monitor

Monitor Google AdSense, Amazon Associates and PayPal earnings

Tiny Monitor for AdSense, Amazon and PayPal is a perfect solution to track your online earnings. This is a small PHP script that can be installed on any home web server or commercial web hosting. If you already have some website (very likely as you are using Ad Inserter plugin) then you can simply put it into a folder.

Tiny Monitor automatically downloads data from Google, Amazon or PayPal and presents it in a simple single-page form. This way you can have all the data easily accessible without the need to log into many websites just to check today's earnings.

Tiny Monitor

And if you have more than one domain then you can monitor them with Tiny Domain Monitor. This PHP script is a simple yet effective solution to track expiration dates of your own domains or any other domains you would like to register as soon as they expire.

Domain Monitor Script

Tiny Domain Monitor is a simple standalone PHP script for automatic domain monitoring. It supports most top level domains including country domains. It can be used to monitor own domains and other registered domains in order to be informed when they expire or become again available for registration. With the help of a cron job the domain data is automatically updated. Tiny Domain Monitor can send an email when a domain data change occurs and it also generates RSS feed to track domain changes in any feed reader.